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Deep Blue Ocean Refresher

The Deep Ocean is filled with some of the scariest looking and oldest sharks in existence. We’ve selected a few of our favorites below and left you with some fun facts to chew on.



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3 Deep Blue Ocean Sharks:

  1. The Frilled Shark has been recorded as deep as 5,150 ft frilled shark. The Frilled Shark gets as long as 6.6 ft and has an eel like appearance. Its name is attributed to its “frilly” looking gills. The Frilled Shark captures prey like a snake by bending its body and lunging forward and then swallowing its prey whole. Scientists estimate that Frilled Shark has been around for about 80 million years leading to its nickname, “The Living Fossil.”
  2. The Megamouth Shark is one of only three extant filter-feeding sharks. The Megamouth Shark swims with its massive mouth wide open like a net filtering the water and catching plankton and jellyfish to eat. It reaches lengths of 17’ – 25’. Due to its deep water preference, it was only first discovered in 1976.
  3. The Ninja Lanternshark is black with white markings around its mouth and eyes. They were only recently discovered in 1995 and range from about 1’ to 1.5’ long. They typically swim in the deep ocean around 3,000 – 5,000 feet which allows their pitch black appearance to help them hide extremely well with the dark, deep ocean. The Ninja Lanternshark also has bioluminescent organs that give it a pale green glow. This likely allows the Ninja Lanternshark to attract mates or lure smaller prey to swim closer to their mouths when they want a keto snack.




Deep Blue Ocean Refresher



1 pack Blue Ocean KETO//OS® Unleashed
8 oz. lemon lime sparkling water
Keto Shark Gummies




Mix Blue Ocean KETO//OS® Unleashed with lemon lime sparkling water.
Pour over ice and garnish with Keto Shark Gummies.

Optional: To make it a shark attack add a splash of unsweetened cranberry juice on top.



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